The 5 Whys

The 5 Whys

The 5 Whys 150 150 Jerry Murphey

Many problems are just symptoms of deeper issues.

A good way to get to the heart of the problem is to apply Sakachi Toyoda’s 5 Whys method.

To apply the method, start with the problem you're facing and keep asking “Why?” until you get to its root cause.

But not all problems have a single root cause.

For example:

If your marketing message is not getting its intended results, the ‘why’ could be because it is unclear and confusing.


Because, perhaps it talks about your brand and not about what your client's wants,  and it talks about EVERYTHING you do.

Here’s where two root causes must be separated — not focusing on what the client wants and too much information. 

Keep asking why and separating root causes as they arise. Focus your message on what your clients want and the problem that your brand solves. Break your information into smaller bites and reduce at every opportunity.

Make clarity your guiding principle and, to get to clarity, apply the ‘5 Whys’ to every part of your marketing message.  

Jerry Murphey

Jerry Murphey is a born entrepreneur and creative business leader with a passion for turning great ideas into new growth opportunities. With this mindset, he has launched more than 50 financial related products, programs, and companies -- netting over $7 billion in direct sales. From Fortune 500 companies to startups, Jerry's approach is to inspire people to find creative ways to rapidly build brand value and to embrace change as opportunity waiting to unfold. Today, Jerry is growing a diverse portfolio of innovative brands that solve unique business challenges within their individual categories.

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