Emotional Communication

Emotional Communication

Emotional Communication 150 150 Jerry Murphey

Emotional communication taps into human nature, and touches our instincts to survive, be admired, succeed and to protect those we love. At its root, there are only two basic emotions—pleasure and pain. These come in many varieties but at the sensory level, either something feels good or bad.  

Good storytelling exists between these two opposites and connects to an internal desire to maintain emotional equilibrium. It uses these polar opposites to pull the reader in and propel the story forward until there is resolution.  

In marketing, this equates to a story about how your product or service makes your client feel about what you do.

Jerry Murphey

Jerry Murphey is a born entrepreneur and creative business leader with a passion for turning great ideas into new growth opportunities. With this mindset, he has launched more than 50 financial related products, programs, and companies -- netting over $7 billion in direct sales. From Fortune 500 companies to startups, Jerry's approach is to inspire people to find creative ways to rapidly build brand value and to embrace change as opportunity waiting to unfold. Today, Jerry is growing a diverse portfolio of innovative brands that solve unique business challenges within their individual categories.

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