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Dream 150 150 Jerry Murphey

DreamWhen the day is through   DreamAnd they might come true Things never are as bad as they seemSo dream, dream, dream   — Johnny Mercer    

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Features vs Benefits

Features vs Benefits 150 150 Jerry Murphey

People buy benefits, not features. The best way to make sure you are always stating benefits is to end with a “this means’” sentence.E.g. “This car does 0 to 60 in 4 seconds. This means your family will be safer because you have the acceleration power you need to prevent an accident.” 

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Trouble in River City

Trouble in River City 150 150 Jerry Murphey

Every great marketing message solves a problem. But sometimes, before a problem can be solved, it has to be amplified. It the 1957 Broadway musical, The Music Man, a conman, “Professor” Harold Hill, convinces an Iowa community that the new arrival of a pool table will lead to all sorts of problems, and marching band instruments…

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The 3 stages of relationships

The 3 stages of relationships 150 150 Jerry Murphey

Relationships (between people and with a brand) evolve through 3 basic stages: curiosity, enlightenment and commitment.Most marketing focuses on enlightenment and does little to peak curiosity. These kinds of messages are about features and methods.To create a marketing message that peaks curiosity, speak to the change that your product or services will make happen. Like, if…

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Who are you really talking about?

Who are you really talking about? 150 150 Jerry Murphey

In your marketing, when you say something like, ’we are entirely focused on you’, you are saying what YOU do. You are the subject in this sentence, not the reader.Spoiler Alert!People are not interested in what you say you do for them. What they are interested in is solving their problem and getting what they want.Instead…

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The gift of storytelling

The gift of storytelling 150 150 Jerry Murphey

We are all creative beings, creating. From asset managers who build portfolios and manage risk, to the modern marketers who connect to clients, and everyone in between.Today, more than ever, we have an opportunity to fully realize our creativity, and connect our work to those we wish to serve, through the power of story. Now…

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A direct call to action

A direct call to action 150 150 Jerry Murphey

A direct call to action button on your home page—like ‘get started’ or ‘schedule a call’, not ‘learn more’—is a step in the right direction to getting people to buy.

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Clarity first

Clarity first 150 150 Jerry Murphey

Most modern marketers focus on traffic when what they need is a clear message. What’s the point of getting people to your website, attend your webinar, or watch your video if your marketing message is unclear and confusing?

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Your brand

Your brand 150 150 Jerry Murphey

Your brand is about the work you do that solves a problem and gives people what they want.Your brand is the words people hear, and the images they see, that makes them want to buy.Your brand is a unifying truth about what you do and say.Do good work and maybe they will buy. Say the…

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Just imagine

Just imagine 150 150 Jerry Murphey

Beginning a sentence with the word ‘imagine’, is a great way to invite people into your brand’s story.

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