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The job of your home page

The job of your home page 150 150 Jerry Murphey

The job of your homepage is to peak curiosity. Too often, brands use their home page as a way to tell people everything they do. This is why most websites don’t generate business. If you want your home page to generate business, invite people into a story that solves their problem and helps them get what…

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What we talk about

What we talk about 150 150 Jerry Murphey

To enlighten customers, too often, we talk about what we do and know. The problem is without curiosity, there is no interest in being enlightened in the first place. 

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Misspelled words

Misspelled words 150 150 Jerry Murphey

As a child, I played a game where, if I misspelled a word (which I always did), I would fall to a fiery end.    I thought this imaginary adventure would make me smarter about spelling words.    It did not work.   Now I am older and my misspelled words correct themselves as I type…

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What they want

What they want 150 150 Jerry Murphey

There were eight people I know who told me they were looking for a financial advisor.  Their careers included: Attorney International sales executive Commercial developer  CEO of a major food brand Ex apparel executive Airline pilot and General in the Air National Guard  Stenographer Asset manager Here some stats: Approximately $15mm in combined investable assets  6 were in their 50's …

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Needs vs desires

Needs vs desires 150 150 Jerry Murphey

While it is certainly a part of the bigger picture, most of us are not in the business of solving emergency needs on a daily basis. Thankfully, there are those who are. Especially when we are locked out or stranded.      Handling emergencies is certainly a part of being an advisor, and this is why we follow the markets, plan,…

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Know risk. Know reward.

Know risk. Know reward. 150 150 Jerry Murphey

Most investors know:  Fixed income’s relative performance comes largely from term and credit.  Bonds with lower credit quality are subject to the risk of default.   Longer-term bonds are subject to the risk of unexpected changes in interest rates.   Reducing credit quality and extending bond maturities increases potential returns.  Different market types can dramatically…

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Partner choosing

Partner choosing 150 150 Jerry Murphey

When choosing a partner, look for those who clearly demonstrate their purpose, values and principles they operate by. On the journey from start-up to scale and beyond, you will encointer different kinds of partners.    Be it an essential vendor or a trusted adviser, having a process to choose the right partners, at every level, is one of the most important things…

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The Ted Talk I can’t get out of my head

The Ted Talk I can’t get out of my head 150 150 Jerry Murphey

At his carpet company, Ray Anderson has increased sales and doubled profits while turning the traditional "take / make / waste" industrial system on its head.   In a gentle, understated way, he shares a powerful vision for sustainable commerce.   "We are, each and everyone, a part the web of life and we have…

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How to create an inspiring shared vision and why

How to create an inspiring shared vision and why 150 150 Jerry Murphey

As individuals, we carry a vision in our heads about where we are going and how we will get there. When we don't share that vision with our team, it is likely we will wonder and we won't take explicit steps toward that future state.   A mission is a north star, it points us in a…

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A great moment in time for the independent financial advisory firm

A great moment in time for the independent financial advisory firm 150 150 Jerry Murphey

There are a number of key events in history where certain technologies have transformed the way we do what we do, for instance: The invention of electricity, automation and mass production, computers, the internet.  All of these events have one thing in common–they dramatically changed the world and improved our lives.   In “The Great…

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